Pelvic Floor Kegel Exercises

There are a number of reasons why critics are saying Fifty Shades Darker surpasses its predecessor, but the most compelling points to a pair of silver spheres known as Ben Wa balls. Increase your orgasmic strength and muscle control with not one, not two, but three sexy weighted balls. Enjoy more powerful orgasms when you tone your pelvic floor muscles with this beautifully designed Kegel pleasure kit. Just imagine slipping these incredible gold-plated balls into your love tunnel, you will discover entirely new levels of unparalleled pleasure.

Introducing adam and eve's vibrating ben wa balls. Enter the Offer Code CANADA50 at the checkout at Adam and Eve to get UP to 50% OFF discount on almost ANY single item plus 3 FREE Sexy DVDs and a Mystery Gift. The best way to achieve it is by doing kegel exercises.

With Adam & Eve's Black Magic G” Vibrator, you can tap into your deepest inner pleasures. You may not return items that have been worn or washed. Simply slip one or two balls inside you and let your muscles naturally tighten around them. However, if you feel as though you have received an item that is faulty, we will be happy to have the product replaced free of charge.

It is not just a vibrator but it has a silicone kegel balls on it that can be bent and flex for added sensation and can focus on targetted sensation as the kegel balls vibrate inside your vagina. Jones has just what you need to explore new ways of pleasure from lingerie, fetish wear, sex toys and sex games, to a sensual assortment of naughty novelties.

These vibrations are thought to induce gentle waves of pleasure, as Ms. Steele rechargeable kegel balls illustrated by shuddering with every step she took at the masquerade charity ball. Regular use of these glass balls will make your vagina feel tighter (for him) and increase sexual sensations (for you).

You can never find any other silicone vibrating kegel balls that are innovative just like Adam and Eve's ben wa ball vibrator. Unless, of course, you bend down at Woolworths and your PC muscles aren't as good as you thought (in which case just keep walking).

Or use Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner, available here at When storing vibrators for any length of time, make sure the batteries are removed. Not only do I get to browse sex toys for work,” but it gives me a chance to talk about them with all of you. Squeezing in the pleasure balls can also lead you to have an explosive orgasm as you feel the vibrating sensation while doing the Kegel exercises.

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